Il était une fois... l'eau en plein désert !

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Terres des Etoiles ecolodge, a desert oasis offering an authentically earthy experience

Let the dream blossom and bring forth utopia

Create an oasis in the desert. That was the crazy dream, the seed from which utopia would spring into reality: Cradle of Stars, Terres des Etoiles ecolodge, emerged from the hilly landscapes of a stone desert, a few short leagues away from the Imperial city of Marrakesh.
In the beginning, chic and comfortable tents were raised against these immense horizons set against the mighty Atlas mountains. Then an authentic, permaculture based bio garden to supply our kitchen with only the freshest of ingredients: to sow, to plant is to create life.Patiently, sustainably, the 12 acres of almost lunar lands have been transformed. Today camels, horses, a restaurant, two plunge pools… Tomorrow a traditional hammam low steam bath and a wellness centre.Like a plant, Terres des Etoiles grows to let ecotourism flourish, rooted in the land and the hearts, in intelligent and complete harmony with nature.

Creating an oasis in the middle of the desert

What if, from a simple seed, everything were possible? Could Mother Nature resume her reign over these barren lands? What if, by dint of hard work, men could restore these lands to their former vitality? Here at Terre des Etoiles, we are fascinated with finding answers to these questions. To push back against the desert, we and other passionate advocates have patiently laid the foundations of this oasis, which day after day sees its vegetation cover spread further and its sustainable vegetable gardens bear an evermore generous harvest.

No long distribution circuits here: from earth to the sink to the plate; every day’s bountiful harvest of fresh produce from our permaculture vegetable garden.
Not only can you enjoy pleasant strolls through the grounds and gardens, children of all ages can also enjoy a simple livestock farm with chickens, goats and donkeys.

Moreover, in the wake of our commitment to and desire to support desert revegetation and soil replenishing, an unprecedented meeting was held on November 2016, for the first edition of the Fellah World Spirit Forum, in which eminent specialists and an attentive public travelled to Agafay to discuss and share best practices in the fight against desertification.

Eco lodge resort in the desert of Agafay, Morrocco

Only a few minutes away from beautiful and bustling Marrakech stand the arid lands of Agafay desert. From the edge the Wad N'Fiss river to the plains of Haouz, through the foothills of the Atlas towards Amizmiz, this desert unfolds its rocky lunar landscapes over several hundred hectares. This landscape from canyon through plains to stony hillocks offers a rich palette of contrasts.

A night in the desert

A bold project nestled in the heart of the arid lands of Agafay, Terre des Etoiles offers a unique desert experience. As a result of Pierre-Yves Marais' commitment, the camp provides guests with the opportunity to take in the magic of this striking setting in unusual, environmentally-friendly accommodation. 
Our tents combine the best of outdoors experience with all modern conveniences in tented accommodation for a fantastic night in the desert. 

An unique environment to relax, explore, conquer or indulge and submit to. Choose from our wide range of carefully selected activities to immerse yourself in the cradle of stars. Terre des Etoiles Desert Lodge Camp is also the starting point of many excursions set in these exceptional landscapes.

If, like us, you care about your footprint on the environment, staying with us at Terre des Etoiles is a practical contribution you can make as a visitor to local sustainable development. Our entire team has been trained in responsible management, particularly in terms of waste treatment and water use. We are proud holders of the Green Key Label recognizing sustainability in tourist accommodation and catering.


Nous organisons pour vous chaque année pour les fêtes de fins d'années les réveillons de noël et du jour de l'an. 
pour une nuit sous les étoiles ou plusieurs jours, des animations originales sont prévues. Le programme 2017 est en cours. réservez dès maintenant.

Nuit du Récit - 1er juillet 2017

Organisé pour la première fois en partenariat avec l'Institut Français de Marrakech et l'association Awaln' Art, Terre des Etoiles organise le 1er juillet 2017 le nouveau rendez-vous des amoureux des contes et des récits à Marrakech.
Une soirée inoubliable de musique et de mots dans le désert! 

Lancement du nouveau site !

Nous lançons aujourd'hui notre nouveau site internet. Découvez nos nouveaux produits, nos activités et bien évidemment nos hébergements lodges !

Toutes nos actualités

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Il était une fois... l'eau en plein désert !

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